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Optimization for the People

December 7, 2012

SEO Search EnginesNEW YORK, NY — Content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) highlights information for search crawlers but what about the people? Unlike Google, Bing encourages web developers to create content giving readers the information they need. By searching for answers using SEO, the results show up based on influenced variables including paid advertising and keyword search. These variables bring sites with little-to-no information ahead in the game leaving readers hindered as they need to scroll or even go to the second or third page of the search engine results page to find the what they need.

What is the purpose of SEO for a site if business leads are questionable? Creative and useful content without regards to SEO should be the basis to one’s site. A site with blocks of advertising and mere amounts of information doesn’t guarantee results in the top ranking of a search engine and leaves readers disappointed as well.

Bing has surpassed Google as the most reliable search engine by integrating social media to the SEO. This process eliminates unnecessary sites and allows readers to find the information they need easily based on the results their friends have.

A page’s loading time also affects its SEO ranking and readership. Bing use “bounce rates” to analyze this. The lower amount of time one stays on a page, the higher the bounce rate. With a higher bounce rate, the search engine assumes the site isn’t liked by users and brings it down in the search engine result page. It is recommended to keep a page’s site map clean for lower loading time and for SEO bots to crawl through easily.

Traffic for a site is now based on a variety of things rather than just SEO keywords. People use search engines to find information and want to achieve this easily.  Think about what the people want rather than what the search engine wants and you will boost your rankings.