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Social Media Truths for Marketing

January 30, 2013

Social media is the a common new direction many businesses are striving to master. Through this young and hip gateway, the Generation Y demographic can be won over in the marketing industry. By adhering to the ways of the youth, businesses are able to connect with them better as they advertise their products to the public. However, it’s important to understand how social media works in order to use it to its fullest potential.

Social media takes time to build upon. Your Facebook or Twitter page isn’t going to instantly become popular overnight. This is important to understand so that social media isn’t your main marketing source the begin with. A base of followers needs to grow through giving time for those people to spread it to their friends and so on and so forth. Not only is time necessary, but a whole lot of effort is as well. By continuing to post things regardless of the number of followers at the time, you will maintain a stable base of information and people will flock towards your page as they see what you have to offer.

Don’t base your followers on expectations. Just because a professional writer is creating posts doesn’t mean that followers will amass to listen to what you have to say. Most people are interested in what you have to say that’s straight to the point rather than with professional grammar. The great thing about social media is that it is a network of networks where people can find an interesting post and pass it on to friends who can then pass it on to other circles of friends.

Picking which social media network to partake in is important as well. If you dislike the network, you’re less likely to put effort and thrive in using it. Also, one that you use for personal uses shouldn’t be used for professional uses. Use your judgment as to what you feel most comfortable and enjoy using as well as what your demographic uses to decide which social media network to jump into. Through this, it’s also important to understand that you simply can’t be everywhere at once. Start with one base social media network and work from there. Once you have that one established, move on to the next and so on. Through this, you can eventually easily update each network.

It’s called a “Social” media network for a reason. Converse with your audience rather than just broadcasting whatever it is your company is advertising. Get into conversations with clients and respond to feedback. Through this method, followers will come around and the number will grow. People like other people, not words of advertising robots. Communication with the audience rather then to people in general as a whole make them feel important; like they have a say and make a difference to the business. On the other hand, people who act like idiots and just talk to talk can easily be ignored as well. Use your greater judgment in communicating with your audience.

Sharing and retweeting things other than your own business. This may be difficult to do as you want to promote yourself but if you only talk about your own things over and over, people will start to block what you have to say out like an annoying pop-up advertisement. Think about “promo for promos” or voice your opinions about other things to keep your page interesting so people will continue to follow you and spread the word to others.

Think about what would make you follow a page and what would keep you from unfollowing them. Place yourself in your audience’s shoes and you’ll be successful.