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Online Video Marketing

January 28, 2013

A picture’s worth a thousand words but can you imagine how much a video is worth? Video marketing is making an impact in the business world as people react to the the action right in front of them. As YouTube is ranked as the number two search engine, it’s clear that people are getting tired of reading text.

Human connections make a difference with video marketing. We are attached to videos as they present humans and reflect upon ourselves. By watching other people participate in using the product or service, people feel drawn to do so as well. The voice of others also bring us in to use the product or service as we feel a connection to the source. The body language and reactions to using what’s advertised in the video help us to visually see what we would be like if we participated. People are very visual and when they physically see what it’s like, they will be more inclined to take an interest.

Not only do these personal associations make a difference with video marketing, but your product or service is more likely to be remembered through this method. The audience can put a face to the name and it’s easier to share video advertisements and engage others. Advertising can be spread to a larger audience this way as well through social media. People are more likely to click the play button rather than read because of what little effort is needed to learn about a product or service in this manner.

Technology is turning the new generation into an audience that wants everything easily handed to them. What better to do that then just send them a video to watch rather than a bunch of articles to read! With this generation, information needs to correlate with the new technology that’s used today. Through laptops, tablets and smartphones, people can access the internet almost anywhere to watch a video and through social media, that video can easily be spread throughout. It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity! Don’t let it just slip by or you’ll lose so many valuable customers! Get started with online video marketing today!