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Social Media Content Distribution and Its Benefits

December 24, 2013

With a vast market in the New York area, not only is it important to understand the type of content you are providing for your audience, but you need to analyze where you are presenting it as well. Social media networks all work similarly, but they are all used differently by various audience types. Here is breakdown of the most popular social media networks for marketing and their benefits:

1. LinkedIn – This network offers a large B2B audience and positions your company with others. It provides credibility and expands your business network through both employees and clients.

2. Twitter – With the use of constant statuses, it’s easy to promote your content. You can also expand your reach by following others and allowing them to follow you back. The ability for instant feedback also augments customer service and enables sales support to connect you with your customers more closely.

3. Facebook – Because of its extreme popularity, Facebook already has a large installed global user base. It is also one of the only significant social media sites outside of the US, which has a great advantage for businesses. Every business should have a Facebook and post on it to reach the largest audience possible.

4. YouTube – Although it only provides video content, it has an advantage because it provides a 360 degree product view and support. Videos are more entertaining and can teach your audience exactly how to use your product. It can spotlight your brand and engage your users. Comments and reviews are also easily accessible.

These are the top used social media networks used for content marketing and are each effective in their own way. It’s important to understand the advantages of each network to really understand what to display on each of them. With the knowledge of what kind of content is the most effective and which networks it has the best feedback on, your marketing ventures will have a significant advantage.