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Actionable Content Marketing Options and Their Benefits

December 23, 2013

Marketing through content is the most effective way to attract prospects and convert them into leads. Making that content marketing actionable furthers that concept and increases its potential that much more. With the amount of advertising in New York and its surrounding areas, it’s difficult to get ahead without having a strong successful tactic for your content marketing. Here are some the top actionable content marketing options and their benefits:

1. Social Media (other than blogs) – By adding sharing icons for social media, you are encouraging action with every piece of content you post. This will allow others to spread your content for you and expand your content marketing distribution.

2. Website Articles – The new content you add on a regular basis should be placed on your company’s home page. This will provide current and new product information and advertise exactly what you want to promote for the time being. It also supports search engine optimization so others will find you easily when they are searching for your type of product without even being aware of your brand.

3. E-newsletters – When you include links to the articles on your site and to third party sites, you offer product information directly to your prospects. This also offers customer engagement as they need to click through the links to learn more. You will filter out those who go to your website that are truly interested and know some information from those who are just searching the web.

4. Blogs – You should publish at least 2 to 3 posts per week to get the most of your customer acquisition impact. Your blog entries can provide product information and also support search engine optimization as well. Constant entries provide more content to bring more keywords to your pages and bring you higher in search engines.

5. Case Studies – This will show how related businesses can use your product. From websites like Pinterest and Instagram, you can show your prospective customers the many different ways your product can be used. Images and video are very important for this to excel as customers need visuals. Testimonials and reviews are great add ons to this.

6. Live Events – Through this, you can extend reach with the use of live tweeting or live blogging. You can even have a live example of how your product works through demonstrations. You will provide product information and also build trust and get instant feedback as you are physically in front of your audience.

7. E-books – You can educate your prospects and customers to generate leads though this. Only those that are willing to download your e-book will receive the information as well so you will know who is actually interested in what you have to offer. You should also incorporate a related promotion into the book content so that they are lead to purchasing. Call-to-action is the highly important to this concept as you want to educate your audience and then convince then to purchase after.

8. Annual Reports – This will provide statistical information so you have official documents to back your reviews. Testimonials and feedback is important but sometimes, people want a business official document to see your statistics and reviews. You should reference your online content where its appropriate. Add call-to-action after all of your extremely positive statistical content so that they are inclined to click through after they are convinced.

With content marketing, there are so many options and these are only some of the few top ones. When you have actionable content marketing, you give information to your potential prospects and lead them straight to where they can purchase what you have to offer. By paving the path to a shopping cart, you are more likely to convert leads into sales. These tactics also help you to understand those who are actually interested in your product compared to those just searching the web. These options will help you achieve more successful conversion rates and results.