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Say It With Bacon This Father’s Day

June 7, 2013

As Father’s Day is soon approaching, we understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect present for your beloved dad. Oscar Meyer understood men and their universal love for all things meat, especially bacon. Through this, the famous brand of lunch meat made a parody of those commercials connecting jewelry with love to women.


This twist of the typical commercials we are all so used to seeing gives audiences a sense of familiarity. It creates irony because we expect to see something extravagant like a watch or other piece of jewelry presented to the men but instead, we see bacon. This ironic notion makes you laugh and smile, bringing about a positive attitude for people. When something makes you laugh, you’re likely to remember it and want to share it with others.

Another thing about bacon is that it is a very popular food. This brings a high advantage to Oscar Meyer and their beloved meat. Many people understand the wonderous feeling when one is consuming bacon as it is delicious. Some people may even see this commercial and think “Bacon really is amazing. I would love to get bacon as a present.” Because the meat is so popular with crowds, this parody can actually turn into a reality by making people want to go out and buy bacon to experience what those in the commercial are feeling.

presentClick here to watch the “Say It With Bacon” Video!

Through experience and familiarity, Oscar Meyer wins in presenting this commercial.