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Coming Soon: Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack

June 5, 2013

Van West Media is proud to present the design and development for Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack. The soon-to-be-new website we built integrates webcams with GPS tracking technology, a content-management system (CMS), and services pricing along with photo and video galleries. There is also Instagram integration and interactive pet sounds throughout the menu. The market branding strategy we chose for Ruby and Jack’s soon-to-be-new website was for a fun and loving environment that was both playful and easy to navigate throughout. The colors and layout achieve this idea as a place of comfort that truly is “a home away from home.”

With many years of experience involving the care of pets, Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack provides a special home away from home for your cat or dog. This wellness center for your beloved pet will be located in the Upper East Side with services including play care, slumber care, grooming, training and more. Ruby and Jack’s understands the demands placed on pet parents in New York and are here to help you and your pet truly have it all with an uncompromising level of care.


Ruby and Jack’s owners, Stephen Markowitz, Michael Friedenberg and Aaron Tropp are all beloved pet owners with extensive management knowledge. With their experience with both the business and clientele, they are the most qualified, after you of course, to care for your pet. The love and care Ruby and Jack’s will provide will leave your pet as happy as ever, giving you the ability to meet your needs out in the world as well as warm the hearts of your pets.


You and your pet won’t be disappointed as all the necessities including top-quality food, grooming, training and slumber care as well as all the fun stuff are provided. Experience this first-rate home away from home and you won’t regret it! Your pet is ensured to have “wet noses and warm hearts” in this wonderful place!