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Ray Ban: Ambermatic Instagram

February 27, 2013

Filters are common throughout smartphone photo applications but Ray Ban has used this to their advantage. By using the Ray Ban app, people can send their images to the “ambermatic machine” and will be sent back a version of their image seen through the lense of the new Ray Ban Ambermatic sunglasses.

Ray Ban Ambermatic Instagram

Ray Ban Ambermatic Instagram Video

Ray Ban is using the marketing technique of letting consumers try out their product for free before purchasing the actual sunglasses. This camera filter method is creative and useful as it transforms the camera lens into the sunglass lens by understanding the similarities of this experience.

This concept is also useful for brand awareness and advertising as it makes consumers download the Ray Ban app and become involved with the Ray Ban community before they are even a buyer, giving more of an opportunity as a customer. The “hype” of this app also allows spreading this new feature and the new sunglasses themselves through “word-of-mouth” and physical view, especially if these Ambermatic images are shared through social media.