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Marketing with your Wikipedia Profile

October 7, 2013

“If it’s not on Wikipedia, then it doesn’t exist!” Many people believe this because Wikipedia has more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and almost all other forms of social media. When people use search engines like Google and Bing, about 60% of the results on the first page come from Wikipedia. This makes it viable to participate in the Wikipedia network for your business if you really want to make a presence to readers on the web.

Since Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, the contents within their database must be supported by valid sources. Therefore when your company is on Wikipedia, your credibility for your readers will increase as well as your visibility. What adds to this credibility are the Wikipedia eligibility requirements with many policies and guidelines for their encyclopedic content. As the largest website reference source, Wikipedia understands the necessity of having accurate information that viewers can depend on when researching things on the web.

Although other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connect many companies with their audience, some information that is given may be skewed in their favor or just false. This gives viewers a disadvantage as they trust the business and can be screwed over in the end. Wikipedia is constantly watched by experts and false information is removed almost immediately. Most articles on Wikipedia are results from hundreds of edits submitted by many contributors over time. With a Wikipedia article for your business, there is no doubt that what you present to your audience is incorrect and your credibility will be greatly increased and lead you to a better relationship with the people.