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Inbound Marketing Through Hubspot

September 5, 2013

Brightfire, an inbound marketing and B2B lead marketing agency, saw Hubspot as a differentiation in their field. The process of inbound marketing attracts customers to your site and converts them into leads and customers


Director & VP of Business Development Johnny Mone says that Hubspot “has changed the way we think about ourselves as a business. We no longer ‘do websites’ but rather we transform our customers’ businesses by helping them meet their growth objectives using inbound.”

This strategy shifts the agency’s entire strategy as the revenues are obtained through inbound marketing, which helps them to plan and grow as a company. Brightfire nurtures their customers through e-mail marketing campaigns and tools. From there, they can provide sales with properly qualified leads with marketing alignment and improved output. The all-on-one platform is what plays into this strategy well as workflow is consolidated. Analytics, social media and email marketing have trouble coinciding within the marketing process as there is so much to take in and this problem is eliminated through inbound marketing.

There is definitely a change of customer response to this process. With inbound marketing you are able to reach a global audience at a lower cost. Hubspot isn’t just a marketing software, but rather it is a redevelopment of a business to enhance sales and customer satisfaction.