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Digitally Front Row for NYFW Spring 2014

September 4, 2013

It’s that time of year again as New York Fashion Week comes back for the upcoming Spring 2014 season. As fashionistas from all over fly over to “The Big Apple” for the first look at these collections, the digital age is making their way through this industry with many fashion-centric news sites becoming more prominent. With this, inbound marketing is made more possible for the fashion industry.

PopSugar fashion, a popular fashion news site, has managed to score interviews with the many high-end designers and gain invitations and front-row seats to exclusive fashion events including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As these editors are planning to make their way to the best seats in the house, viewers from all over will be able to get the inside scoop of the new looks, as well as view them on the YouTube live stream.

“The attitude has definitely shifted,” said PopSugar fashion and beauty director Melissa Liebling-Goldberg. “At the beginning everyone was very nervous, and it makes sense that certain houses that are steeped in tradition had a slightly tougher time.”

The digital community is definitely making a turn in this industry as traditional paper sources are having a downfall in this economy. This digital twist to runway coverage started with the massive editorial news coverage on the web. It has moved on to the live YouTube stream and is still growing now that that industry takes the digital world more seriously. It is a great way to spread news and make an impact on many people at once easily. The web allows for photos, videos, insight, feedback and more very easily and through this process, the fashion industry can come a long way with inbound marketing.