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How to Win the Grammys Through Social Media

February 11, 2013

The Grammys and other award shows are signs that show artists really “made it” to be the best out there. However, there are techniques to become what fans see as “the best” and in this day and age, it’s through social media advertising.

Mumford and Sons goes through the most inbound marketing as they are active across almost every social media channel. They are one of the few artists with a live blog that is regularly updated. Messages from Mumford and Sons are also personal as they incorporate first name usage in their emails. On top of that, discount merchandise is also offered in welcoming messages for new subscribers. By acknowledging new fans and continuing constant communication with current fans, Mumford and Sons paves their way through social media marketing and come out on top as the most involved artist in the media.

Frank Ocean should also be applauded for his social media tactics towards his Grammy. His clear channel of communication with his fans is through Twitter as he sent out 52 tweets in the last month with fun. following him at 20 tweets in the celebrity twitter charts. Twitter is a channel that shows one’s inner voice and uses one’s own social persona through digital marketing. This channel helps fans feel connected to an artist on a personal level as it is clearly straight from the artist to his fans. By establishing this connection to all the fans who follow his Twitter, Frank Ocean was able to brand himself through who he really is to a large audience.

Jay-Z has made a statement through digital marketing without the use of constant communication with his fans, but through a great inbound marketing system. Although his social output has been low, he was able to gain 6 million viewers for his Youtube channel by having SMS subscriptions with updates and invites to things he has to offer his fans.

Through social media and other online channels, artists have the chance to really get in touch with their fans to become the best that they can be as entertainers. Fans look up to artsits and value what they have to say over everyday people. It’s important for artists to understand the influence they have and take advantage of that. By getting in touch with their fan base and promoting themselves on their own rather than through advertising agencies, their success will last in the long run with a strong fan base. That is truly what makes an artist stand apart from the rest and is worth a personal Grammy.