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How the Media Helped New York Fashion Week Take Over

February 8, 2013

As February 7th hit, fashionistas from all over tuned in on every mediabase to get a look at the new Fall/Winter 2013 trends for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. From Twitter to Facebook to Youtube, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has taken over. With advertisements on every social mediabase, people everywhere can see what there is to offer in the great New York City in regards to fashion.

Designers, PR representatives and celebrities have the chance to engage in the highly exclusive runway shows for NYFW. With the limited amount of seats, fashionistas of all kinds rush to the web in order to be a part of this epic week. By following tweets, reading Facebook statuses and livestreaming on Youtube, everyone has a chance to stay connected.

Through this technological generation, people can stay in the comfort of their homes wearing pajamas and stuffing their faces as they watch these runway shows up-close and center. They can also easily go on to the designer’s website and look at the collection from there to see fine details, materials, colors and pricing for whatever looks they see. This advantage gives access to what everyone truly wants: instant gratification.

As everyday people see celebrities in the world of paparazzi and fathom over their designer gowns, they can see the “Ready-to-wear” looks by those same designers and feel connected in a sense. Through the knowledge of the social media boom and realizing what people “actually want”, NYFW has become one of the greatest success stories over several different platforms as a great business for designers all over the world. This analyzation is one that every business should look for. By looking at the desires of one’s audience, a business can become successful through easily handing over what they want.

Although viewing streams and social media posts are “free” to browse through, the advertisements and profits made through the designers become a large payoff in the end. This is important for businesses to understand: realizing what is necessary to give away in order for people to come back and be willing to pay for.