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Flipboard 2.0: The Revolutionary Magazine

April 15, 2013

The next generation of Flipboard was released about 2 weeks ago and more than half a million magazines have already been created. Flipboard, a personal magazine app, gained massive popularity with 53 million users. This app allows people to collect and save articles, photos, and videos for one’s own use or to share with the public. With the ability to do all this in one app, anyone can become an editor and a reader. This personalized magazine gives people only the content they want to see instead of a public magazine intended to serve the public as a whole.


What makes great advertising is giving the people what they want. The more geared towards the audience a product or service is, the more likely it will become a hit. Flipboard gives people what they care about without any information they deem is unimportant. It also gives audiences the ability to organize and personalize their content as well. From current news to gossip to social media networks, Flipboard brings everything one would need together all in one place. By having things that matter to you, you are more inclined to be involved with an app such as Flipboard.

flipboard (1)

On top of the great service Flipboard provides people, the design of the app also paves a road for audiences to enjoy as well. The app is physically appealing as well as useful. With the structured minimalism, the navigational features of the app come easily to both editors and readers. The “flip” motion makes it easy for people to search through their self-made magazines and to search for content to fill their magazines. It is important for audiences to easily navigate through what you have to offer so they are more inclined to participate. The responsive design of the app allows people to easily use Flipboard on their computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. The dynamic features of the app as well as the services offered from Flipboard make it a very successful app.