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Comparing Mobile Sites

July 26, 2012

Every mobile site has its own specifications that fits to its needs. Every feature is different, and some more necessary than others. In this post, I’ve reviewed 5 e-commerce mobile sites that should help you to compare, contrast, and pick up takeaways for your own site. I hope that by the end you will feel like a mobile site extraordinaire.

1. Kmart


Kmart’s site has a consistent and sleek design and all pages possess the red, white and grey colors that match its PC website. One thing left to be desired is the page speed, which lags due to an abundance of graphics. Selecting Browse brings up a long list of product options that may seem overwhelming to the casual browser, but is convenient for the decisive shopper. Product descriptions include detailed pictures and are easy to add to the shopping cart. I also like the local ads and deals section, which locates deals at Kmarts in any area, kind of like a “smart” circular.

2. Nordstrom

I like Nordstrom’s site for its simplicity. The homepage advertises current sales and the top links let you choose from Department, Brand, Stores, and Your Account pages. Product categories are concise and specific enough for users to quickly narrow down results. For those who are interested in buying apparel from the site, the company offers sizing details, descriptions of the clothing, shipping details, and suggestions for other products that complete the look. The user is also given several pictures of the product and the ability to view other color options, just like on the PC website, but smaller.

3. Overstock.com

A company that is based solely online should have a mobile site that’s on par with its PC website. Overstock.com accomplishes this by extending the convenience of computer shopping to its well-organized mobile shopping. The homepage features different products and clearance items. In another tab, the user can browse through many categories of products. Being that Overstock.com offers practically any product, it is important for the site to be easily navigable. There are many options to choose from before you reach the desired product, though the company makes searches easier by constantly providing a way to go back or return home and start fresh.

4. Staples

Staples is constantly working hard to maintain a close relationship with its customers. My favorite feature about its mobile site was the link areas that allowed for large fingers to make the proper selections. The top bars on the homepage link to Customer Login, Shopping Cart and a Keyword Search. Under these were smaller links to Products, a Store Locator, and Weekly Advertisements. More links occur at the bottom of the page including Easy Reorder, which lets frequent customers buy previously purchased products. The options that stand out most on the page are catered to repeat customers who are looking to quickly purchase products. Staples knows the routine and knows its loyal customers will be willing to make a quick purchase on mobile.

5. StubHub

Less is always more when it comes to a mobile site, and StubHub captures just that. The homepage gives you two options- Find Tickets and My Account. Once in the Tickets section, you can choose your location, pick the type of tickets you want to buy (sports, concerts, theater and even favorite events that you marked during past browsing). If you’re looking to find an event taking place the next few days, you can view the Upcoming Tab. If you would like to search for a favorite band, team or show, you can select the Browse Tab and scroll through alphabetical order. Once you select your ticket, you are asked to log in and finally continue to your purchase.