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Branding Your Pinterest Personality

July 19, 2012

In spending more time on Pinterest, I’ve realized that many of the people who flock to the site look for lifestyle-related content. It offers tips for new hairstyles, home decorating ideas, arts and crafts and fashion. The homepage is sprinkled with DIY projects, inspiring quotes, recipes, sunshine, and lollipops (well maybe not the last two, but you get it!). It’s true that the site promotes shopping- where will you get your arts and crafts supplies anyway? But Pinterest is also much more than a potential monetary transaction and should be treated as such when it comes to brands.

Whole Foods Market is now one of the most followed brands on Pinterest for a similar reason. Its page presents a human side of the company. If it could walk and talk, it would be a lot like its Pinterest page. Below, I listed a few boards that I feel helped the brand achieve its success. These boards may hint at a supermarket, but they scream Whole Foods.

1. Share the buzz– Whole Foods sells a ton of honey products including products made with the help of bees. Being a natural foods supermarket, supporting bees is a fitting cause to take up. The board has pins with pictures of bees and bee facts. Not only do they support the cause, this board shows customers how far their interest really goes.


2. Texans are pinning it BIG!– Whole Foods originated in Austin, Texas, which is why this board is an appropriate fit for the company. The brand is one of 40 others who contribute to this board. Contribution is a great way to make followers on Pinterest because it brings exposure to the brand. In this case, it’s also a great way to get together with like-minds from your hometown and have fun pinning.


3. Mom Rocks– No one cooks better than mom, right? Mom Rocks was a contest held for Mothers Day that sent sons and daughters pinning Whole Foods recipes for the sake of mom. Once at least three recipes were pinned to a board, the user could enter into a Mother’s Day contest. Pinterest contests are a common way to promote brand interaction within the site.


4. Strength– Food is supposed to make you strong, right? Whole Foods brings that concept to light with this board about fitness, meditation and yoga. Not only do they want to express that foods should be healthy and ‘whole,’ they also encourage a wholesome lifestyle.


5. Delicious Art– This cute board features food art from Obama sushi to Van Gouge vegetable art. Some are ironic, some silly and all reveal a little more about the Whole Food’s personality.


Whole Foods Market doesn’t just promote its brand on Pinterest, it also respects the preferences of Pinterest users. The page is full of lifestyle elements that are sure to keep any true pinner clicking away, pushing sales to the side if only for a little while.