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3 Social Media Tactics to Boost Holiday Sales

November 15, 2016

The holidays are upon us, and they’re a perfect opportunity for you to connect with every person on social media. People love using social media around this time of year, and they know those savvy brands are going to offer up giveaways and special discounts just before Santa comes down your chimney.

We want you to stay relevant and stand out from all the social media holiday cheer this year. Here are 3 social media tactics to undoubtedly boost your holiday sales.

1. Make Holiday Social Media Images

Be honest – you kind of like seeing all those happy, Christmas tree filled images floating around your social media feed. The holidays make everyone happier, and beholding the joy in picture form is a great way to reach consumers.

Decorate your social media business pages with specially designed cover images that recognize Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and any other holiday-related theme you’re passionate about. Make holiday graphics with your logo front-and-center and encourage your followers to share it. Even offer people a free product if they share X amount of your holiday images before Christmas!

2. Holiday Hashtags

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to jam pack every social media post with hashtags. Twitter shoppers will undoubtedly use hashtags to find their next purchase, with Instagram users hot on their heels! Take advantage of hashtagging to get noticed.

Hashtags to consider: #BlackFriday #HappyThanksgiving #HolidaySavings #StockingStuffers #HolidayCheer #Christmas #Hannukah #Kwanzaa #NewYears #CyberMonday

3. Promotions

You absolutely need to offer promotions and giveaways on social media to stay relevant this holiday season. All of your competitors are going to do it – and you need to, too. Everyone loves a great holiday deal, and they’re twice as likely to recommend it to a friend afterwards. Offer up a Black Friday deal, Cyber Monday deal, and Christmas deal throughout the month of December.

Even more exciting: host a holiday giveaway. People love free things. Promise a free product to a randomly chosen person who likes your page, shares your post, and tags one friend’s name under it. You’ll be amazed at the page interaction coming your way.

So throw on your Santa hat, and get to work!

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