VWM Rebrands SOS Chefs E-Commerce Platform

October 8, 2013

SOS Chefs is a store that provides chefs with the highest quality of foods and spices. This luxury store located in the Lower East Side has catered to many well-known and prominent chefs throughout New York City. As a distinguished store, SOS Chefs understood their presence to the public should reflect upon their outstanding products and services and because of this, they turned to Van West Media to do the job.

With a highly-experienced branding background, Van West Media understood how to rebrand SOS Chefs to reflect their essence as a business. By using the craft paper-like texture and natural colors throughout their branding, SOS Chefs products have a high-quality look that viewers will have confidence purchasing from. The playful typefaces also give way to the idea that the brand is “by the people, for the people.” It makes the viewers see that they are “authentic,” which also adds to the natural aspect of the ingredients. The branding included the logo, product labels, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and the website itself.

Along with the re-branding of the site, we are working on developing the website as an e-commerce site. With their growing customer base, SOS Chefs needed a way for people to purchase their products online to cater to all of their needs. Van West Media understands the necessary requirements of an e-commerce site with an easily editable backend for the store products and services as well as an easily navigable website for the customers. The SOS Chefs e-commerce website will also consist of important SEO keywords throughout so that products can easily be searched for from search engines as well. This gives customers the ability to find the products they need from SOS Chefs even when they aren’t on the site itself.

The launch of SOS Chefs is going to be a proud one for Van West Media as the impeccable branding and e-commerce will greatly impact the business. We can’t wait to see all of the advantages we made for SOS Chefs come to life as their store grows both on and off the web with out help.

For more information on how we can help you with branding, e-commerce or any of your digital marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help your business grow as well.

Rebranding “Yo Mama” Into A Compliment

July 16, 2013

In light of the previous commercials K-Mart released transforming crude humor including “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings”, the brand continued down that similar path with a twist on the popular “Yo Mama” jokes.

Click here to watch K-Mart’s “Yo Mama” Commercial

“Yo Mama” is a common phrase that is used as an insult but K-Mart took a turn with this phrase and rebranded it to become somewhat of a compliment to market their new layaway plan. This free back-to-school layaway plan presented phrases like “Yo mama get that hoodie from K-Mart? Yeah, dawg! Well yo mama must have cavities cause that hoodie is SWEEEET!!”

By transforming the commonly used negative phrase, these commercials were able to connect with the people on something that was already known to the masses and complement with the K-Mart brand. These recent K-Mart campaigns have gotten people to stop and turn their heads and that’s exactly what good marketing is. You need to grab the attention of the masses through all of the ads that are out there. Only then can you really try to influence your audience.

The Sullivan’s Step Forward Into the New Catskills

March 13, 2012

catskillsRebranding is a powerful thing. It’s a huge plunge into uncharted territory and often quite risky, though it can make a big difference in revenue. The risk factor is high enough that rebranding should be kept for a last, or near last resort. If the brand still has a pulse, it’s better to strengthen it than to start over.

The Catskill region in New York State is a good example of last resorts. Its image has slowly fallen for half a century, dragging its economic stability along with it. Once a vacation spot for wealthy Jewish clientele (which is where it got the nickname borscht belt), the Catskills has been brushed aside only to conjure images of Dirty Dancing scenes.

The strong brand that existed then has surely lost its pulse, and the region’s tourism industry is finally looking for the right fix. The newly formed Catskill Park Resource Foundation has asked people to submit ideas for a new catch phrase and is raising $5 million to get the rest of the job done right.

Some hotels have already started getting ready for the change, namely The Lodge on Rock Hill Drive which is now The Sullivan. The new lodge boasts the Zen, yet chic image that the rest of the Catskills will soon have to offer. Our very own team at Van West Media was tasked with designing a website that would capture the essence of this new brand.


When it comes to the Catskills, pictures are worth more than 1,000 words, which is why we chose a sleek design centered around large, vibrant pictures. Looking at the Sullivan, I can see the potential of a major comeback for the Catskills. Yoga in the forest, relaxing by the lake, fishing? It’s hard to imagine how something so beautiful could have lost its touch for so long, but that’s the power of a brand.