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The Next Media Evolution: YouTube Channel News

Posted on May 29, 2013 by vanwestmedia

Online media and news spreads faster than on any other network including television and print media. This is due to the versatility of its nature. Anything online can be seen on a desktop or on mobile … Continue reading →

BYOD in the Workplace

Posted on May 02, 2013 by vanwestmedia

As the business world thrives in technology, mobility is key in this fast-paced industry as many companies are already using the "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" method in their workplace. People want … Continue reading →

Mobile Web Design Fundamentals for Success

Posted on January 07, 2013 by vanwestmedia

Creating a mobile website can help your company/brand flourish. However, it's challenging to design an enriched user experience for smartphones and even tablets. Here are some tips to help your mobile … Continue reading →

The Rise of Smartphones

Posted on December 14, 2012 by vanwestmedia

                  Do you check your smartphone every morning for updates? How about before you even get out of bed? I thought so, but don't worr … Continue reading →

E-Commerce in 2013

Posted on December 10, 2012 by vanwestmedia

The world of e-commerce flourished in 2012 as marketers understood the wants and needs of their audience. With the increase of sales and satisfied consumers, 2013 is sure to be a successful year for t … Continue reading →