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Web Design

Website design changes every moment. Just think of how far technology has come since the first days of flash design over ten years ago. At Van West Media, we stay on top of design trends and functions to create high-functioning websites to serve you long-term. Our team will customize a design for your company that is not only visually compelling, but will also have the functionality and advanced programming to deliver a steady stream of leads, clients and revenue.

This means creating a visually dynamic website with thoughtful coding, simple links, and clear, engaging text. And we go further. We think about where the text will be placed in relation to your images. We think about which images will create a cohesive motion on your website overall. We think about the user’s experience.

We do the research to discover your target audience and what captivates them the best. We incorporate calls to action and drive business to you. When you want a website that works for your business and produces results, we have the expertise to deliver.

Web Development

Coding is one of the fundamental steps to your web development. If your site lacks persuasive navigational architecture, quick page loads and ease, visitors will navigate away from your page without a second glance.

Our developers build solid websites, adhering to SEO semantic code standards, using logically structured HTML and making sure it displays correctly across all major browsers and platforms.


Informational websites fulfill consumers’ needs to research their options before making a purchase. When we develop an informational website for you, we create a site that can be easily navigated and shows the facts that people are looking for. When potential customers get the information they want, your website becomes instantly valuable, and value is what turns potential customers into actual customers.

Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

You’re unique, which is why a custom content management system (CMS) may be right for you. Many websites are developed using a standard CMS like WordPress. When we create a custom CMS, the functionalities of your site will be strictly tailored to your needs. This is beneficial for complex websites that demand requirements not offered by a standard CMS. The complex coding of a custom CMS also ensures extra security on your site. You don’t need to let standard platforms hold you back.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

There are two types of mobile websites – painful and painless. Painful mobile websites are difficult to read and frustrating to navigate. They’re usually a miniature version of a PC website, the mentality being “I have my PC website, so that’s enough.” With 1 in 4 mobile users expecting to access the web from their device at least once (or 100 times) a day, we don’t want our clients to fall into this trap. When we build you an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website, we take all of the elements of your website and develop a mobile version specially tailored to be easy to navigate and gives your customers the information that they’re looking for while on the go.

Custom WordPress Design & Development

WordPress is a leading website platform on the internet today. With its extensive theme and plugin directory, WordPress can be tailored to fit any needs. We understand that the WordPress installation isn’t right for every business. At Van West Media we have ways to tweak WordPress so its performance is catered to your business, and we’ll be able to incorporate that expertise into your custom site. With custom WordPress development, web programming, web database integration, and a beautiful site design, we effectively provide support to your business and marketing endeavors.

our capabilities include:
  • Informational Websites
  • Custom CMS
  • Mobile-Friendly Solutions
  • Custom WordPress Design

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