Ozzy Osbourne’s Digital Reign: Prince of Darkness Online

It’s not every day you get a chance to build a website for a multi-platinum artist who’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. VWM was thrilled to be selected to build a new website for the Prince of Darkness himself – Ozzy Osbourne! The Ozzy.com site was a big undertaking with unique challenges. Ozzy is still touring and creating new songs and albums.

We designed and built a new Ozzy website from the ground-up. Thoughtful analysis went into re-constructing the prior navigation with a careful understanding different roles each section of the website played in communicating and attracting a core Ozzy fanbase. Detailed sitemap work was created to better understand the inter-relationships between various content types.

A complex back-end ‘broadcasting’ functionality was deployed to populate dynamic content across different pages. This allowed for publishing content anywhere within the site that could be distributed to a timeline, ensuring multiple sections were continually up to date – new events, songs, appearances etc.

Van West Media takes pride in being thorough and concise in all the websites we design and build. Our detailed design notes and functionality specifications help provide the programming team with clear guidance in building out the complexities of sites like Ozzy.com. For instance, it was decided early on that a streaming importer feature would be used to pull in data from streaming services. With this feature, every track is treated as a separate piece of content, and each track has a Spotify URI/Apple Music/Deezer URL associated with it. This was just one of many design and development complexities required in this site.

The recent launch of the Ozzy.com site has refreshed his online presence and created new enthusiasm for the brand that is Ozzy, Prince of Darkness!

First Choice Shipping’s Digital Voyage Begins

As a leader in international shipping, especially for Amazon sellers, First Choice Shipping needed to refocus their communication and design strategy to help them stand out in the crowded marketplace of online shipping service providers.

After a thorough discovery process of the company’s competitors, our design team realized there was an opportunity to heighten the aesthetic appeal of the company’s site by incorporating illustrations along with stylish modern depictions of the company’s services. The illustrations and graphics evoke a sense of “task enjoyment” that aligns perfectly with the First Choice Shipping brand; energetic, helpful, professional, and a process that is very user friendly and ultimately easier. Incorporating clear calls to action on service pages helps direct the users to the redesigned “Get a Quote” form which allows for a simplified customer acquisition process to begin.

The site then functions as a digital hub from which all shipping functions are easily managed – from carrier selection and tracking to creating shipping labels. The new site is a digital engine that connects small business owners and eCommerce giants alike to the entire world.

SheBee Embarks on a Sparkling Digital Odyssey

SheBee, a fine jewelry brand, approached Van West Media to re-envision their website. One of the primary goals was providing users with a new and engaging introduction to the brand and an intuitive and sophisticated online user experience. First, our design team came up with a new logo that was fresh, compelling and in-line with SheBee’s vision for the brand.

We then turned our attention to the design and development of a new website. Our team performed a robust competitive analysis that led to an extensive information architecture overhaul. Our goal on the front-end was to rethink the existing retail site to increase engagement while also converting more visitors into customers with a new shopping and check-out experience. Our goal on the back-end was to create an easy to use content management system for SheBee so that products, images, and transactions could be updated and managed seamlessly.

Fashion in Every Click: Etienne Aigner’s Digital Upgrade

Etienne Aigner is an accessible designer brand of handbags, shoes, apparel, jewelry, and small leather goods, made using premium leather and fine materials with sophisticated craftsmanship. The goal was to rethink and redesign the current online retail site to increase online browsing engagement time while also converting more visitors into shoppers with a re-imagined shopping and check out experience for the brand.

An extensive information architecture overhaul was performed by the design team at Van West Media. Our objective was to streamline the buying process and eliminate any unnecessary click paths while reorganizing the main navigation and browsing areas around the key shopping categories, with an emphasis on promoting the core products of the brand: shoes and handbags. A new approach to the homepage was also developed that allowed more flexibility for promoting new arrivals and core product components by Etienne Aigner’s staff. The overall results align with the simplicity, elegance and accessibility of the Etienne Aigner brand.

Raising the Bar with 67 Wine’s Digital Cellar of Selection

Consistently rated as one of the best wine shops in New York City, 67 Wine wanted their new website to be the best wine and spirits web site “out there” in order to reflect the high standard their customers had come to expect shopping at their physical retail store. 67 Wine then engaged Van West Media to redesign and re-launch their website. The goal was to revive the existing brand’s eCommerce web site into a modern and efficient best in class brand that represents over 3000 wine and spirit SKUs.

Van West Media delivered a website based on an actionable strategy that drove the design and development phases. By utilizing a highly scalable content management system from WineFetch, and incorporating a variety of new searchable functions and navigation areas, we were able to show the high quality premium brand off in a new light while allowing users to easily find and purchase the wine and liquor products they love.

Golden Door’s Online Oasis: Wellness Meets Web

At Van West Media, we were thrilled to partner again with Golden Door, the world’s premier luxury destination spa, to upgrade their website into a seamless, user-friendly experience. We knew that navigating the website of the #1 destination Spa in the world should be just as effortless as the guests’ experience at the spa, so we set out to re-engineer the site’s underlying architecture.


Leveraging our expertise in UX design, front-end development, and back-end content management, we rebuilt the website from the ground up, with detailed development specs were developed to ensure the presentation looked stunning across all devices/proportions and page-specific content was created and published to help with search visibility. We seamlessly integrated Shopify stores for both the Boutique and Country Store, making it effortless for Golden Door to reach their customers, and showcase hundreds of different product offerings. With these updates, Golden Door’s staff can easily keep their guests informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.


We also updated the site’s design to reflect Golden Door’s luxurious and healthful aesthetic. Our team made color changes throughout the site to align with the brand’s identity, and we revamped the navigation to make it easy for guests to fully immerse themselves in the luxurious and rejuvenating experience that the spa offers.


Since launching the new site, Golden Door’s staff has been thrilled with the improvements, and we’re delighted to see a significant increase in web traffic. At Van West Media, we take pride in delivering transformative experiences to our clients, and this project was no exception.