Golden Door’s Online Oasis: Wellness Meets Web

At Van West Media, we were thrilled to partner again with Golden Door, the world's premier luxury destination spa, to upgrade their website into a seamless, user-friendly experience. We knew that navigating the website of the #1 destination Spa in the world should be just as effortless as the guests' experience at the spa, so we set out to re-engineer the site's underlying architecture.


Leveraging our expertise in UX design, front-end development, and back-end content management, we rebuilt the website from the ground up, with detailed development specs were developed to ensure the presentation looked stunning across all devices/proportions and page-specific content was created and published to help with search visibility. We seamlessly integrated Shopify stores for both the Boutique and Country Store, making it effortless for Golden Door to reach their customers, and showcase hundreds of different product offerings. With these updates, Golden Door's staff can easily keep their guests informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.


We also updated the site's design to reflect Golden Door's luxurious and healthful aesthetic. Our team made color changes throughout the site to align with the brand's identity, and we revamped the navigation to make it easy for guests to fully immerse themselves in the luxurious and rejuvenating experience that the spa offers.


Since launching the new site, Golden Door's staff has been thrilled with the improvements, and we're delighted to see a significant increase in web traffic. At Van West Media, we take pride in delivering transformative experiences to our clients, and this project was no exception.

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Services Provided:
Technical Specification
Website Design
Website Development
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