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WordPress 4.0: A Necessary Update

September 10, 2014

With the recent surge of web hacks, to say security is a must-have is a bit of an understatement. WordPress 4.0 (also known as “Benny”) was released this month, and the update is an important one.

Many are unaware that WordPress announces its security flaws and vulnerabilities publicly once they’ve been discovered, which allows hackers to easily find loopholes to break-in. In an effort to maintain safekeeping, the “Benny” update improves security and web performance on many levels.

Additionally, WordPress 4.0 has a strong focus on making it simpler to write content, install plugins and manage media. On the back end of the site, the updates are clear and will be much appreciated by admin.

Don’t put yourself at risk; update WordPress software regularly. For more information, check out the “Benny” blog via WordPress.