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Where is Your Social Media Audience?

November 27, 2013

As marketeers spend loads of money on their social media campaigns, they are looking to reach out to their audience but are they focusing on a specific demographic? If a business focuses on a certain demographic, they would be able to gear their ads towards their audience more. A social media audience survey by Strata shows the breakdown.

In general, women between the ages of 18-29 yrs dominate in social media networks. They communicate constantly on almost all devices and networks more than men. It is also surveyed that Hispanics with an low income that live in an urban area use social media the most as well.

Social Media Breakdown by Strata

We know women, Hispanics, those with an income under $30K and those who live in an Urban neighborhood are the most active on social media networks. However, we need to understand it more in depth as this information is too general. Let’s break down the different social media networks with their most active users to see what audience to cater to with each network.

Facebook Breakdown by Strata

Facebook has the broadest age band as it has been around for awhile. Those from college students to those that are middle-aged are all pretty active on Facebook. It isn’t just limited to college students, but also involves parents that want in on it as well. They often join as well to connect with their kids on the same level and also monitor their activity while they are away in college. This gives you an opportunity to have a larger reach.

Twitter Breakdown by Strata

The usage of Twitter is significantly lower than that of Facebook. It is for those who constantly put the effort in engaging in the network and therefore, those who are older do not partake. Those between the ages of 18-29 have more to say and complain about and therefore, Twitter is their venting go-to. It is a quick way to get feedback and allows brands to communicate with their audience easily through almost instant customer service.

Pinterest Breakdown by Strata

Pinterest is a female dominated social media network. It is mainly for those that have time to engage in DIY projects and new recipes. Those who have money also engage as they get ideas to redecorate and change their lives. Because of this, the demographic for this can be between women in college to those that are housewives. With the constant ideas flowing through the site, the site shows how to better your life to make every aspect from fitness to house decor visually pleasing. If your brand is related to clothing, jewelry, decor, food, etc. Pinterest is the place to go for your target demographic.

Instagram Breakdown by Strata

Instagram is the most recent recent social media network and it is still growing. Photographs with captions and hashtags combine all other social media networks into one. It is visually appealing, presents a status and is categorized by hashtags similar to Twitter. There are also likes and comments involved for engagement with each post. Because it’s a newer network, only the younger generation is stronger participating as of now. However, Instagram is a already a very strong network and is still growing.

It’s important to understand your audience and what social media networks they participate in. Marketing costs a lot of time and if you place your efforts in the wrong areas, you will be wasting your time. Check to make sure your demographic is being reached in the best way possible. Social media is growing more and more each day with each network and it’s important to understand where each network is heading in relation to your business and audience.