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VWM Presents Amazing Spaces 2.0

December 9, 2013

As a prestigious interior design company and brand, Amazing Spaces LLC wanted to update their website to reflect upon their design capabilities and presence. Van West Media took Jason Landau’s vision and transformed it into a website as amazing as the interiors Landau himself produces.

Amazing Spaces LLC's new website

The highlights of this website include the bold, rich black and gold color scheme that represents both elegance and professionalism. Along with this ambience, the high-resolution images make you feel as if you are entering the interiors with each click. The site is very easy to navigate with dropdown menus for each category and instructions that appear when images are hovered. Information for each project including its testimonial, images and captions are all presented in an orderly manner that makes sense to the viewer.

Amazing Spaces LLC Project Page
Amazing Spaces LLC Project Gallery

An overview of Amazing Spaces LLC, including including information about the company itself and Jason as well as the rest of the staff, is clearly presented in the company tab. This tab also shows viewers the step-by-step process with PDF files to guide them throughout the project. This also gives potential clients an idea of what they would go through if they worked with Amazing Spaces LLC.

With incredible press recognition and stunning client testimonials, the recognition tab displays all of Amazing Spaces LLC’s reviews. For the press page, the actual magazine cover and pages are displayed on the website to show authenticity. The numerous testimonial pages also flow with constant reviews from very satisfied clients.

Amazing Spaces LLC Press Recognition
Amazing Spaces LLC Testimonials

Contact information is easily accessible as it is placed on the homepage, contact tab and permanent header and footer of the site. This ensures you will be able to reach Amazing Spaces LLC regardless of what page you are on. The consistency and organization of this website allows you to flow through the pages naturally to find any information you need.

This new virtual beginning for Amazing Spaces LLC captures Jason Landau, the interiors created by him and the company itself in an exceptional manner that will keep people coming back for more.