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Thinglink: An Interactive Image Platform

March 27, 2013

People are more likely to engage with communication through imagery, especially through interactive images. From social media to regular web pages, it is observed that images embedded with videos, annotations or links have a 50% larger clickthrough rate than regular images.

ThingLink, a Finnish-American provider of image interaction tools allows people to engage with photos in a whole new way. It transforms static images into a navigational platform that enhances viewer knowledge and experience. Advertisers use ThingLink to share links, drive traffic and create image-based campaigns.

Interactive imagery is capable through ThingLink’s “rich media tags”. These tags allow people to add content and functionality of other sites and social media platforms directly into images. This method allows responsive design and brand photo placement in tweets, statuses and other photos. By making digital images more interactive, engaging and sharable, photos are transformed into a content-discovery platform.

This method allows better ads that leave out the clutter of useless text and delivers viewers what they are looking for instantly. Viewers only want what they are interested in looking for. ThingLink easily delivers wanted information and helps both advertisers and audiences through interactive imagery.