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The Importance of Image

July 8, 2013

Advertising and branding is what makes your company. It is the image you portray to others in how you represent yourself and reputation in this manner is everything. It isn’t only important to present yourself in a positive light but you must maintain this image as well, regardless of how long you’re been in good standing.

Well-known Food Network chef Paula Deen was recently released an “apology” video for using the N-word and stating other racist terms. It was also clear that the video wasn’t an apologetic one, but rather one that would point fingers at others for her mistakes. With the very-uncomfortable-to-watch interview came the destruction of Deen’s business empire. The alleged racist comments cost her three widely-popular shows on Food Network as the network fired her. Deen’s sponsors also cut ties to her brand with this toxic publicity. Walmart is also dropping the her line of Southern cookware and decor.

Reputation is everything about a brand and it’s important to maintain a positive image. Branding yourself is just the start but getting your audience to love you and your brand is what really makes it thrive. Make a statement with your brand, get people to love you and work to keep that love and you will have a success!