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Which Type of Website is Best For You

June 6, 2018

Websites are just like people – there are many, many different kinds. Choosing the right one for your business might not always be easy. Here are some tips to help:

Non-dynamic websites

Most times these are referred to as static. These are when a website visitor types in an address or visits a page on a website, the page that loads will be similar for everyone.

Static websites more simple clean and sometimes easier to understand for users.

These web pages display the same information in a web browser to all of the users that load them

Static websites don’t usually have a lot of dynamic or database driven data.

Most of these sites are small and don’t change all that often.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites  typically provide different content to visitors, based on their device or location. The page lives at the same URL but the information on it changes depending on the user request.

For example, when you visit the same URL might see different information from different devices, different places,  and even different times of day

Reinventing Your Business

The majority of dynamic sites use a CMS  to make updates or edits. This makes it much easier to manage and update content on larger websites.

What are the best websites?

It’s impossible to give a right or wrong answer to this question. In most situations it really depends on what you plan to build and how you will use it.