Social Media Strategy

Reinforcing Brand Voice and Identity

Social media allows businesses to build their unique brand voice and to increase visibility, online engagement, leads, and ultimately sales. It allows for direct interaction with both existing and potential customers and is a great way for businesses to effectively reach specific audiences. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and LinkedIn, consumers build and reinforce strong personal connections with brands. Businesses use these platforms to relay important messaging that can help shape a public image and brand identity. In turn, these connections foster customer retention and advocacy. Customer experiences can be shared with millions of people via social media, which is why it’s imperative for businesses to utilize these platforms.

Understand, Analyze, and Adjust as Needed

Before creating a social media strategy, Van West Media performs a social media audit and competitive analysis of each of our clients. We work closely to understand which social platforms fit best with our client’s product or service needs. We then carefully develop and implement a both short and long term strategies as needed. We also offer both training and content development services that allow you to focus on your business while we create content, monthly calendars, schedule posts and perform updates for you. As part of our services, we meet with each of our clients on a monthly basis to review social media analytics and adjust our strategy accordingly. We make sure that your social media marketing is tailored to the specific goals of your company and that it is meeting your goals and growing your business.

Our capabilities include:
Social Media Strategy
Content Marketing
Community Management
Social Advertising