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Royal Family Branding

July 29, 2013

Branding is a strategic method of marketing. It involves creativity and strong influence for your audience. A name can either make or break you as a brand and the Royal Family has really made their mark for their political and social campaigns. With their calculated moves, the Royal Family has increased their popularity and influence with the people, not only in the UK, but all around the world. Here’s how the Royal Family markets themselves successfully:

Symbolism. With the recent delivery of the Royal Baby, the family has travelled everywhere together. Prince William is always in the picture and this symbolizes the family as one unit throughout the media. There are also times where Kate hands the baby over to Prince William in front of the press to emphasize tackling parenthood as a couple. This idea also reflects their upbringing to show that they come from a loving and respectable background.

Emotional Bond. Branding that involves an emotional bond allows your audience to feel something that your competition can’t. The best kind of emotional bond is sentimental and relevant. The loving relationship that Kate and Prince William shared through their courtship and marriage had everyone in awe. The story of the Prince and a common girl is one that has been seen throughout the movies that give commoners the hope of a grander life. It’s a real-life “Cinderella” story that we all grew up knowing about as a child. What makes it even more effective is that the couple is most definitely in love and they clearly show it. The birth of the Royal Baby also added to the loving family and emphasized this emotional bond.

Authenticity. There is no celebrity show when it comes to the Royal Family. They are down-to-earth and make it seem like they are just like everyone else. From Kate’s very apparent baby bump to the presentation of her newborn son with her family, there was nothing more than the casual showing of a loving family. There is no over-the-top celebrity show for the people and this is what makes people love them.

The best kind of branding is the kind that people love you for and the Royal Family has really made this kind their own. With the wedding filled with love and the birth of the baby, they have really impacted their audience.