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Redesign Your Website The Right Way

June 25, 2013

Marketing advertising design is one of the most important things for your brand. The market out there is evolving everyday and because of this, many brands redesign their website, logo or even both. Redesigning your brand may seem tedious and difficult but here are some steps to ensure you go about it the most efficient way:


1. Understand Your Audience. Remember that you already have a defined audience as this is a redesign rather than one you are starting from scratch. The purpose of this step is see who is positively responding to your marketing and to ensure that they continue to do so. This step can also help you to broaden your audience with the information you obtain. By analyzing exactly what links and what ads you are getting leads from, you can enhance those ads more to give them the most potential in the future.

2. Determine an Effective Look and Feel. Are you going to maintain the design and impression you already have on your audience with slight changes or are you going to completely change your presence? Designing a landing page takes a lot of thought as to what you want your brand‘s appearance to be. This one ad can change the viewpoint of how people feel about your company in both a positive or negative manner and reputation and attraction is key in the marketing world. Make sure you are set on the theme you are planning on portraying as this is what people will see you as now rather than what you were in the past. It’s encouraged to take this step with an experienced graphic design company or creative design agency to help transform your vision into a reality on the web.

3. Establish your goals. Are you trying to gain more leads in the same areas? Are you trying to expand your design to become responsive with the growth in mobile technology? This is the most important step as it is the reasoning behind your redesign. If you were happy with the way things were going, there would be no need for one. A new design means that there are new goals you’d like to achieve. Therefore, you need to recognize what exactly is you want before going through the process.

Design and content are the most crucial parts of marketing. The look and feel as well as the message given to your audience is what makes them want to participate in your service or product. This list can help you to understand the process to recreate yourself to enhance your brand.

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