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Rebranding “Yo Mama” Into A Compliment

July 16, 2013

In light of the previous commercials K-Mart released transforming crude humor including “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings”, the brand continued down that similar path with a twist on the popular “Yo Mama” jokes.

Click here to watch K-Mart’s “Yo Mama” Commercial

“Yo Mama” is a common phrase that is used as an insult but K-Mart took a turn with this phrase and rebranded it to become somewhat of a compliment to market their new layaway plan. This free back-to-school layaway plan presented phrases like “Yo mama get that hoodie from K-Mart? Yeah, dawg! Well yo mama must have cavities cause that hoodie is SWEEEET!!”

By transforming the commonly used negative phrase, these commercials were able to connect with the people on something that was already known to the masses and complement with the K-Mart brand. These recent K-Mart campaigns have gotten people to stop and turn their heads and that’s exactly what good marketing is. You need to grab the attention of the masses through all of the ads that are out there. Only then can you really try to influence your audience.