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New York Experiences “Devil’s Due” Baby

January 16, 2014

With yet another Devil baby movie coming out this this Friday, marketers went on a venture through the streets of NYC to further promote Eli Roth’s upcoming movie, “Devil’s Due”.

An animatronic baby was created with the the head of a “devil baby” and placed in a remote-controlled stroller in New York. Those who passed by the abandoned stroller heard the crying inside and were curious to see what was in store and were in for a scare. As hidden cameras were placed in the streets, all the activity involved with the automated stroller was recorded. Check out the video below to see the marketing prank:

The YouTube video was a hit with its release on Monday with 4.4 million views the first day. It has been 2 days and there are already 9.7 million views, which is more than double the first view count. As this view spreads through social media virally, “Devil’s Due” marketers did an amazing job with this campaign. With a couple scares throughout the streets of NYC, they were able to really grab their audience’s attention for the premiere of the movie.