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Mobilegeddon: Is Your Site Ready for this Google Update?

April 20, 2015

Mobilegeddon: Coming for Your Site on April 21, 2015

It’s no secret that Google plans to launch an update to its mobile search algorithm this month. Google has essentially warned the web that sites who do not follow their mobile-friendly guidelines will be greatly affected by the update. This change will impact mobile searches worldwide in all languages and it is certain that sites unprepared for the mobile announcement of the year will feel its impact.

How will the update affect my website?

Here’s a scenario: You’re an owner of a very popular retail company in New York City that sells custom menswear. Let’s pretend your current website ranks well in search engines, especially Google. With awesome SEO combined with marketing efforts you’ve been implementing for years, the company has secured the ever-coveted spot of number five (5) for the search term “NYC Custom Menswear.” This is great, but when “Mobilegeddon” happens on April 21, you realize you’re no longer ranked number five (5) on in mobile searches. In fact, you’re three pages into Google, and the likelihood of leads, visitors and sales will surely depreciate – UNLESS your custom menswear website is mobile-friendly.

Why will my site be impacted?

As previously mentioned, essentially, it all boils down to whether or not your website is mobile-friendly (or better yet, fully-responsive). If your website is NOT responsive, we can alleviate the issue for you. Contact us today.

Okay, I need a responsive website – but what are the pros?

  • Responsive designs are extremely flexible – one responsive website works on all devices, thus making site maintenance and management easier for all involved.
  • Google actually recommends responsive design.
  • Responsive sites are much more likely to increase user engagement, reduce bounce rate and improve conversion rate.

Why does mobile marketing matter?

A few stats:

  • 80 percent of all internet users access search engines via their smartphones (via Smart Insights)
  • 50.3 percent of eCommerce site traffic come through a mobile device (via Shopify)
  • 60 percent of global mobile consumers use their mobile devices as their primary or exclusive Internet source (via Internet Retailer)
  • 64 percent of subscribed consumers via mobile are more likely to make a purchase as a result of receiving a highly-relevant mobile message (via IPSOS Observer Survey)
  • Nearly 61 percent of searches result in phone calls inquiring about your product or service (Via Search Engine Watch)

It’s time. Let’s get your website updated before Google Mobilegeddon strikes. Contact Van West Media today!