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Marketing to Share Your Happiness

May 31, 2013

For years, Coca-Cola has been marketing happiness through their products, ensuring that feeling when consuming Coke. With this marketing technique, they also promoted sharing the product with others to “share the happiness.” With bottles of Coke, the drink was easily shared, but now they have created a way to share a can of Coke as well. The product designers understood the difficulty in portraying the motto while sipping on a can of Coke and so, they designed a can made for this very purpose.


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By looking into a direction that expands on the original “Share Your Happiness” motto, Coca-Cola is able to capture its original audience and keep them interested while obtaining others as well. People already recognize Coca-Cola and their relation to “Happiness.” This literal translation of the motto really transforms the brand and also intrigues people as it looks pretty cool. Thanks to this innovative design and understanding of what the people want, germaphobes are now able to share their happiness through Coke as well.