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Marketing for the People by the People

August 30, 2013

Doritos Locos Tacos has been a popular Taco Bell selection among those within the U.S., but why has it taken so long to reach the Canadian audience? Impatient Canadians incessantly tweeted Taco Bell complaints and they responded right back.

With the ability to voice your opinion over a vast network through social media, you can be heard. Taco Bell used this to their advantage to both release the Doritos Los Tacos in Canada and to respond the impatient Canadians as well. They did so by burning their tweets directly onto the first batch of Doritos Los Tacos released in Canada. Through this, Taco Bell is basically making customers “eat their own words” by taking their tweets and having them shove it down their throats themselves.

Yes, this tactic of marketing does go in the infamous route but it also instigates controversy as well. Controversial publicity is usually spread much quicker than news that everyone is content with. Through this, Doritos Los Tacos went viral through social media and not just in Canada. Although the famous Doritos Los Tacos is already very popular in the U.S., the message about our neighboring country spread here and hyped up the Taco Bell selection as well.

The viral Doritos Los Tacos controversy in Canada aided the campaign for the new Fiery Doritos Los Tacos in the U.S. as news of the popular tacos was all over social media. Taco Bell gets an A for the combined efforts of marketing in both locations. The usage of one campaign to lead the other was genius as Doritos Los Tacos are now trending all through social media. By advertising these tacos on the web through social media, Taco Bell has taken e-commerce to a new level.