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Magnetic Inbound Marketing

September 16, 2013

Inbound marketing is a strong tactic that many businesses are using to reach out to their potential leads. However, it also needs to be evolved in order to change human behavior and impact the market. People are sick of the stereotypical marketeers that are shoving services and products down their throats. They want to feel like they “need” what you have to offer in order to participate and reach out to you. Here are some main points to consider in going in this route:

1. Create compelling content. When you create content that truly interests your readers, they will enjoy getting information and want to know more even after they finish seeing what you have to offer. They will in turn ask questions and really become involved in your business on their own. By using this way, you will be approached by your leads rather than feeling like you are bothering people to become your customers. Your customer base will also be filled with more people who love your business and want to promote it to their friends and family.

2. Put it in the right context. Sometimes, businesses flourish not because they are the greatest idea ever but because they came about when people needed what was offered. You need to understand the situations that will arise with your customers. Think about the questions your customers will ask and will be curious about so that the information that they need will already be there on your site. This keeps you a step ahead in the game and makes your customers believe that you really are there for them every step of the way. They don’t want to hit a road block or have to use more effort to call in to get their questions answered. Businesses that really understand the people and their needs are the ones that have the potential to make it farther on the road to success.

3. Be human, not automatic. No one likes dealing with machines. No one wants to feel like they are just another number. People like hearing the voice of others that are catered to helping them with their specific problems. When you give your customers that sense of satisfaction, the connection you have with them becomes deeper than you can ever imagine. Few businesses approach their audience in this manner so by doing so, you will stand out. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest, social media is key in this as you can send several different messages across different platforms directly to your customer base.

Through these few steps, your business will not only reach your target audience but it will also stay with them “magnetically.” Your ideas and the things that you are trying to promote and sell will stay in their minds as you approach the people in a different manner. By having the people “need” what you have to offer and making them seem like they are not just another number but an important and valuable customer, your customer base will stick and grow as referrals will be more likely to happen and your audience will in turn love your business through this process.