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NYC Law Firms Begin To Fully Embrace The Power Of Digital Marketing

August 24, 2017

How do you create a robust online marketing strategy for law firms?

It begins, like most marketing, with a strategy. Though law firms are increasingly looking at social media, newsletters, and even paid search, Van West Media’s strategy typically revolves around the intended epicenter of digital traffic for the firm, the website. Without a clear, clean, and concise website with intuitive navigation and obvious calls-to-action, existing and prospective clients as well as potential recruits will not stay on the site, and will certainly not be compelled to come back.

For law firms, the website must achieve several important goals.

  • It should look to differentiate that law firm from others in the industry and help to attract new clients (and new recruits out of law school);
  • It should build and strengthen that law firm’s reputation and promote a positive firm culture;
  • It should have intuitive and well-designed navigation on the front-end and a simple system on the back-end for content management.

It goes without saying that if your law firm’s website is not currently mobile friendly, you are losing potential clients. If your website is not mobile friendly, ask VWM how to help make this transition.

Every site that we build is custom designed and developed.

This brings a superior finished product to our clients for several reasons. Because the design is entirely customized, Van West Media can tailor every single aspect of the site to the precise needs of the client, focusing on the firm’s particular practice areas, and the differentiators that make each firm and its business culture unique. Each website that we design for our clients tells a different story, through visuals and content, so that a user can quickly identify what the law firm offers, the image they are trying to convey, and then funnel these users to the information they are seeking or to desired call-to-actions.

Additionally, while the focus is on making sure that the front-end design is exceptional, Van West Media purposefully develops sites in a way that gives our clients the ability to update copy and images on their own once the site is live, if they can accomplish the work in-house. This removes a potential layer of unnecessary site management from both a cost and time perspective. We also have many clients who prefer that we manage all their sites content for them. This content management is often in addition to our creating monthly or quarterly newsletters, social media profiles, reputation management, and regular website maintenance.

Van West Media recently launched two new sites for Law Firms in New York City.

Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas LLP (SSRGA) is a young, hip and fast-growing law firm with a variety of practice areas including real estate, intellectual property, and healthcare. SSRGA partnered with us on a custom website update to better represent the quality and caliber of their law firm. Van West Media managed the complete process of designing, developing and publishing the new site. This process included logo modification, a video shoot, as well as a photo shoot, to capture images of all the attorneys at the firm and to help build image content for the site, newsletters, and social profiles. Van West Media also created a searchable index of attorneys, practice areas and more. The website is fully responsive to adjust to mobile, tablet and desktop views.

In mid-summer, we launched Seiden & Schein, P.C., a boutique NYC law firm with a reputation for skillfully representing New York City’s most sophisticated developers. The firm helps property owners, developers, lessees, investors, and lenders, meet the challenges of the new millennium. Seiden & Schein needed an updated, mobile-friendly website to better represent their unique capabilities. Van West Media managed the complete process of designing, developing and publishing a custom designed website built on WordPress CMS framework. Our process included a company rebranding, a searchable and filterable index of the company’s project portfolio by practice areas, a section for key attorney bios, an enhanced news and events area, and the establishment of a new company blog. The new website is fully responsive to adjust to mobile, tablet and desktop views. We designed the site as a one-page scroll that effectively uses modal windows to highlight key content while keeping the user focused on the main content of the site.

Industries across all spectrums are looking to maximize growth and visibility through digital marketing.

Whether it be website optimization, social media strategies, paid search, email marketing, blogging, A/B testing, etc., companies are building customer visibility, loyalty, and engagement at unprecedented rates by harnessing the collective power of digital marketing. Some industries like music, television, and fashion were quick to embrace digital strategies. Others, like the law industry, are only now tapping into the full power of the digital marketing landscape. We have seen a marked increase in law firms interested in building or strengthening their online presence.

If you are interested in learning more about our website design and development capabilities when it comes to marketing law firms or if you are in another industry and would like to see what kind of digital marketing strategies we can offer to you or your company, just give us a call.