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KLM: Giving the People What They Want

February 22, 2013

There are millions of advertisements everywhere and what makes the difference is the ability to capture the attention of one’s audience. What’s the key to making this happen? The answer is simple: “Give the people what they want.” Think about the things you wish a business could do to make your life easier. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines seeked out the necessities of a traveler and created this great campaign for their customers.

Check Out The Video: KLM — Must See Map

Through social media, friends can add places to go and things to try out onto your map. This product allows customers to create a personalized map of their destinations with their friends’ trustworthy reviews. After a map is finalized, it would be sent to KLM to be printed and sent to you for FREE! What’s better than getting what you want for free? You probably can’t think of anything because there isn’t anything better than that!

KLM used so many great marketing tactics including finding something people subconsciously want, incorporating customer advertising into their products and giving out what they want for free! They also paved a way for opportunity with a limited amount of free maps according to the countdown on the website. This idea helps to get customers involved with customer trials, social media referrals and hopefully a new client base for this new product. KLM did a great job with “Your Must See Map: Made By Friends” to stand out amongst others in the industry.