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How to Improve Your Email Marketing

January 22, 2016
These days email marketing is often thought of as the least effective way to get consumer attention – but that’s very much so incorrect. All too often, our inboxes are filled with dry and impersonal emails, subject lines lacking creativity or persuasion, and design layouts that look rushed and aesthetically challenged. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Email campaigns can be an incredibly effective tool to drive brand visibility, customer interaction, and ultimately sales. The trick is having a marketing initiative and strategy that makes your email campaigns stand out from all the others.

The key to a successful email marketing campaign? Personalization.

Make Emails Interactive

There are many possibilities for making an email more interactive. For example, using a feed of top stories or products gives the reader multiple opportunities to engage and take further action. You can also use mouseover effects or, even simpler, rotate images using a carousel within the email. Providing a change in visuals usually contributes to a more effective user experience. Stay away from flat white backgrounds filled with incessant copy. Instead, entice the user to get involved and take action.

Segment Your List

Segmenting your list can provide tremendous insights into consumer behavior and help you increase the success of your email campaigns.For example, even just by separating those who subscribed from your e-commerce site from those who subscribed from your blog can provide valuable insight into your consumer. It may indicate what stage of the consumer journey they are in or what other marketing initiatives that you have implemented are working correctly. Once your list is segmented, you can begin to communicate in a more concerted, targeted, and effective way. Slightly different copy, different visuals, different calls-to-action, etc. Remember that not everyone of your customers is interested in your products or services for the same reason. Email campaigns should think about these reasons and then be built out accordingly using content to engage specific segments of the list.

Incorporate Engaging Copy

Snooze alert! Don’t let boring, generic copy be the downfall of your email marketing campaign! Depending on your brand and the consumers you are engaging, you have ultimate control over how creative your content can be. Don’t hold back, be bold, and stand out from the crowd by creating targeted emails that resonate with your potential customer’s emotions, tastes, and needs.

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