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How to Add Value to Your Content

December 12, 2013

Curating content cannot be automated. You need to make sure you have valuable content to capture your audience and maintain their interest for the long run. By converting valuable information into sufficient quality content, you will get optimal results and achieve your business goals in the social media and blogging realm of your marketing.

Your audience is a community. When it comes to building your marketing persona, you need to understand this. If you content is built to engage your readers, you re more likely to get feedback including likes, comments and most importantly, shares. Your content will stir up conversation and spread through your audience to a larger community. If you understand the advantages and power of your audience as a community, you can excel in this path with exponential growth for your content.

Be selective when it comes to the information you curate. Do not have information overload. In this case, the “less is more” approach is the way to go. Pick the most valuable parts of information that isn’t stated elsewhere so that you are the first source for your audience. When it comes to information that is broadly available, place little to no content about that since they can get it elsewhere. When you edit this way, your readers are able to focus on the important things and that’s what you want to be the source for.

Show a variety of perspectives so that you don’t seem so close-minded. When it comes to stories, there is also more than one point of view. When you analyze the different sides and state all the pros and cons of each, you provide information for your audience to derive an opinion from. You allow them to participate by inputting their thoughts about a situation and stir conversation about your given topic. This also allows for more activity as a social network when it comes to your content. You want to give people something to talk about and this is a clearcut way to pave that road.

Only timely information matters. If you state things that are so old that everyone else has talked about it or are “over it,” then no one will want to hear what you have to say. Make sure your topics are up to date so they are still relevant to your readers. The only time information about the past would make sense to speak about is if it was a historical event that people are looking back on or if new information was discovered about a past event.

Curating content is the best way to enhance your marketing efforts. It allows your audience to read what you have to say and respond to it. Feedback is essential when it comes to social media marketing because they are your target audience and you want to know exactly what they are looking for. Likes and comments show that what you have to say will stir up conversation and show approval. Sharing is what you should mainly gear towards to expand your audience. Content curation is a strong marketing tactic and when you place your efforts and produce high quality content, you can optimize your results and achieve your business goals.