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Happy 25th Birthday to Nike Slogan — “Just Do It”

July 10, 2013

It was July 25 years ago when Nike released their “Just Do It” slogan by Wieden + Kennedy. Great taglines like “Think Different” by Apple and “Drivers Wanted” by Volkswagon have made the brands what they are today and Nike is right in the mix with them.

“Just Do It” is a notable tagline for many reasons. It’s short, simple and easy to remember and sometimes, that’s really all you need. Branding is about making an impact on your audience and this tagline tells it like it is. It’s broad enough to relate Nike to just about anything and connects it with everything you do. It also basically tells you to just buy Nike products, giving it a great twist on its slogan.

Simple phrases for big ideas is the main drive for this slogan. The meaning is open to interpretation, making it relatable to everyone yet personal on each individual basis. It connected all sports and activities with one unifying message, which made it successful. “Just Do It” is one of the last few great slogans with such an impact. So next time you want to create a tagline, maybe you should just “tell it like it is”.