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Great Call-To-Action

October 18, 2012

It’s no surprise call to actions increase your customer conversion rate.  Why?  People enjoy (and need) motivation.  Call to actions are great!  Use them often.

If you’re already on the call to action train, make sure you’re doing them effectively.  After all people might be excited to use your product but could get turned off with the wrong language.  Make sure you’re writing well and exciting your readers.  Today’s article will go over the basics to building effective call to actions.

Tips for an effective call to action:

1. What do you want your customers to do and why should they do it?  Answer this first.  Now proceed.  Having trouble brain storming?  Do you want to sell them a product?  Download an eBook?  Your white papers? Sign up for a newsletter? Subscribe to your email list?  Something else?  Make a list and figure it out.

2.  What’s your click through rate?  If you’re confused, your click through rate is the number of clicks your URL receives during your email campaign.  This way you can see the effectiveness of your campaigns.  Your email campaign has several tools to find these rates.

3.  Use strong and immediate language.  Examples?  Download now.  Subscribe now.  Order yours here.  Compare here.  Need more help?  Give us a call!

4.  Follow with reason.  Once you’ve called in your customers, follow with the benefits they’ll receive from following your advice.  “Give us a call for a free quote.”  “All subscribers receive discounts on local businesses!”   “Like us and we’ll like you.”  You get the idea.

5.  Keep it urgent.  Motivate your customers to take action as soon as they see your call to action.  This means using strong, clear language which makes your customers act quickly.

6.  Size matters.  If your customers can’t read your call to actions, they won’t follow them.  For your call to action buttons, make them larger and brighter than the rest of your content.  This goes for color variation, button location and font type.  Finally keep your call to actions in plain text.  You might think that a fancy image is a great idea…until that image doesn’t load into your customer’s email…think about it.

7. Placement.  Why have one call to action button when you could have two?  Consider placing a button at the bottom and top of your email campaign.

8.  Landing Pages.  Test your links before sending your campaign.  You’ll loose your customer if they trust you enough to click through your call to action and you leave them in the dust.

Remember that your business is like a living test.  If your call to action campaign is not working, go back over list, your goals and try try again.