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Friday Tips For Emails.

September 14, 2012
photo courtesy of pcmailingservices.com

Thinking of sending some final emails before the weekend starts?  Read this before you do.  We’re going to brush up on our email skills.

If you’re in the middle of an email campaign, remember that this is one of the most effective marketing tools because you’re speaking to people who are already your fans or customers.  The people reading your emails are already on your side, so don’t do anything to betray their trust.

Another challenge to your email marketing campaign is to create emails that readers want to invest in.  Easier said than done.  A few quick tricks can make each email feel unique.  We realize its impossible to draft hundreds of different emails, but switching up some content here and there does a world of difference.  Exchange the photos.  Play with your content.  Have fun.  Be enticing.


1.  Subject Lines.  Create subject lines that excite people to open and read your emails.  Make them short, avoid heavy punctuation, and stay creative.  Steer clear of phrases like “free” or “limited time only”.  These are markers for spam and will automatically throw your emails into the trash bin.

If you’re ever unsure, test out a couple of your subject lines.  Try out a few on Twitter.  Text a few to your friends.  Send an email to yourself before you head off to lunch.  When you come back, do you like what you see?  If not, rinse and repeat.

2.  Personality.  Make sure your emails sound like a human being wrote them.  There’s nothing worse than getting an email from a trusted company and feeling like a machine wrote it.  You also should use your reader’s names whenever possible.  Making your reader feel like you wrote the email for them should be your primary goal.  Use your reader’s names and write about their interests.  This will make them feel special and keep them coming back.

3.  Retargeting with Email. If you have a merchant site, you might want to use an email marketing provider to track the journey your costumers take on your site.  This way you can track the viewers who did not become customers, and check in with them via email to say hello.

There are many more tips for email marketing.  Hopefully these three will help you with your final emails this week.

See you next week!