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Forget the ads. Hello, Ello!

October 9, 2014


Flashback to circa 2006: before your Facebook feed was drowning in advertisements, before you were a data tool – you were a person on a social network for the sole purpose of maintaining relationships.

Over the years, Facebook seems to have (literally) sold out. Now a publicly traded company, profit must be made, thus ads and target marketing have taken over the Facebook platform, among others.

Flash forward to 2014: we’ve been presented with Ello – a free and ad-free social networking platform – that truly reflects the initial purpose of connecting online. Here are our top five reasons to say, “Hello!” to Ello.

  1. Ello is clean, simple and uncluttered.
  2. Your personal information remains personal.
  3. Ello is invitation-only, as it’s still in Beta mode.
  4. Say goodbye to the hashtag; this feature is not part of Ello.
  5. The Ello manifesto is pretty much the greatest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Weigh in! How do you feel about Ello? Will it hold its own against established social platforms?

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