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Content Marketing Forecast Changes for 2014

January 7, 2014

As the weather is freezing over, so is our audience’s ability to invest their time in our marketing content. Here are some ways to ensure better content marketing for 2014.

Diversify your content in type, format and size. You want to create small, medium and large content to give your audience so that they can get both little things and the whole story. People don’t have time to read large amounts of content all the time and small doses are necessary to keep your follower’s interest, especially in this age of social media.

You also need to change the type of content as well. From answering customer’s questions to how-to’s to new information, you will keep your audience guessing what’s next. Don’t be so mundane and place the same kind of content over and over again. Variety makes a difference.

Let go of “corporate-speak.” That died long ago. You need people to create different types of content that is of value and unique. When people see that you are placing the effort to really make a difference in their lives through personal experience and research, they are more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

Not only does your content matter, but your design and language does as well. Make your brand become recognizable through your content without its logo. From layout to colors to font, you want to be recognizable and get people know its your brand.

Lastly, get your content to be tracked with sales. From call-to-actions and offers within your content, you can achieve new prospective leads and sales. Give some information about your product and then link to a place where they can immediately purchase it. Giving your audience the right stepping stones to purchase what you have to offer is key to getting sales.

Don’t let your audience breeze past your marketing content. Make these changes and you will grasp their attention for the long run and achieve sales for your brand.