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Content Marketing for the People

May 10, 2013

It’s a competitive world out there and everyone is pitching the same crap. From keywords to broad technical pitches, customers are left with little to no information that they are genuinely interested in. In a marketing standpoint, it looks great on paper but from a customer’s standpoint, it’s like “Why do I even care about this?”

People are much more inclined to participate in things worthy of their attention. it’s important to know your audience and understand what they want. Your pitch shouldn’t be for search engines like Google or Bing, but rather for the people and what they want is something of value. Something that says “if you don’t have participate now, you’re going to regret it.”

So what creates value? Certainly not keyword-focused garbage, but rather things like limited call-to-action offers that benefit the people. Think about it. If you always offer this, why would they jump at this opportunity right now? People like feeling special. I know I do. It’s like getting a limited-edition Rebecca Minkoff bag and having someone come up to you asking where you got it from and you going “Oh, it’s a limited-edition and they don’t make these anymore” with a smug look on your face. It makes you feel good knowing you have what others can’t have. That’s what your pitch should be like.

What else makes people jump to opportunities? Simplicity. People in this day and age rely on technology and want things instantly. In a dream fantasy world, people don’t need to do anything but receive everything they’d like to have. That’s not reality but if you can make it close to that dream, people are inclined to take you up on that offer. By doing the strenuous work for people and giving them the chance to sit back and watch all the magic happen is like a dream come true. If you say “I’m going to create a beautifully-designed, responsive website for your store so people can shop on any device and do all the necessary edits for you when asked while you go and have afternoon tea and watch the money roll in,” people will think “Wow, this is an amazing opportunity!” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but it also makes him a very successful boy.

Think about what you can do for the people that your competitors can’t. Think about what you can do better than anyone else can and start making those substantial pitches. When you think like a customer, you’re bound to relate to the customers more. You aren’t marketing to technology but to actual people. It’s important to understand that while others are still lost in technology limbo. I’m not saying to eliminate things like keyword-marketing because yes, those things do help in a professional marketing standpoint but the most important people to affect are the people themselves.