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Basic Principles of Inbound Marketing

September 26, 2013

Strategies such as inbound marketing are complicated and take several steps to fully comprehend. Through processes like these, you need to have strong fundamentals to work from and we are here to help you with your marketing foundation.

You need to analyze your main enterprise, which is most likely your website. Your prime information should be on your website and from there, you will get a client base. Therefore, you need to measure and check your analytics throughout your marketing process to make sure everything goes smoothly. This allow you to know what works for you and what doesn’t. The number of unique visitors is important to monitor because if it keeps increasing, then you know you’re doing the right thing. On top of seeing how many people are visiting, you need to see what traffic source they are coming from. From this, you can target certain customers and optimize your SEO.

The next step is to analyze how they go about your website once they are brought there. Which pages have the most views? This will help you figure out where to place your calls to action for opting in so that the viewers will become leads. Landing pages give way for prospective leads. By analyzing your landing page views and submission rates, you can compare and contrast the different methods and see what works best for you. Tracking the results will show you the best conversions and spotlight your strengths. It will also help you see what you need to improve or eliminate from the marketing process.

The last main principle of inbound marketing is distribution. You need to know your reach and keep reaching for them. Checking your ROI allows you to know your sources to give you an idea of how to target them. Just like checking your landing pages will help you, you should check which social media outlets or other channels people are going to for reaching your website. By understanding the different sources, you not only can adjust and measure your SEO, but you can target certain calls to action and landing pages straight from these outlets as well.

With the measure of analytics, the tracking of landing pages and the understanding of different source channels, you will make the best of your inbound marketing strategy. These fundamentals will give a basis to your tactic to keep your marketing running smoothly. A strong basis is what your business needs to build from so that you can expand and grow to your highest potential.