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Advertising is Getting the Best of Us

April 26, 2013

We often let our emotions get the best of us and what does that lead to? INSECURITY. Advertisers often prey on things that affect our self-control including our emotions, leaving them to target audiences like women, who too often make choices based on how they “feel”.

By leaving our judgment based on something so easily affected or swayed, we are at a disadvantage and marketeers understand that. The female market is filled with products that make us seem like we’re not good enough without the product. Whether it is a surgical procedure and cosmetics, a machine that can do household work better or a book that tells us how to be the best girlfriend, women are constantly judging themselves from these advertisements. In turn, they purchase these product or services to better their lives but are they really better?

What makes great advertising is to increase the quality of life and/or prevent the end of something good. Why attack your audience and give them something to bounce back from when you can just give them something to just improve their lives overall? Advertisers should focus on marketing to help women empower themselves rather than prey on their insecurities.

Over the years, “Girl Power” has made its way through the advertising funnel as a new insight on women in today’s age. Although this is true, marketeers are still constantly putting the mindset that women just simply aren’t good enough so they fork up the money and give in to the ads.

It’s important for advertisers to understand the affect they have on the female community and to help rather than harm the already-sensitive lives at stake. What your brand stands for makes an impact and if you lead your audience in the direction for a better life, you company will gain a much more positive influence and reputation in the long run.