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Advertising: Creativity vs. Data

April 19, 2013

What makes for great advertising? Is it the number of outreach and statistics or is it a unique approach of expression? Advertisers constantly struggle with what brings more value to their marketing approach. By analyzing numbers of followers and likes, you may grow a larger fan base but does quantity really compensate for quality? DBB’s creative director Amir Kassaei gives his thoughts on the situation.

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In the “Data Alone Will Not Help You Improve the Creative Product” video, Kassaei explains how the beauty and craft of print advertising is being hindered by the multimedia technology of today. He also explains how advertisers need to bring new ideas to the table rather than depend on social media and technology to enhance it. As an artist, Kassaei emphasizes this need for strengthened creativity as art is changing over the decades. As technology and media shift ideas of art, it is important to preserve the essence and beauty of simple art itself and to translate it through the new works we have today.